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Managing Financial Risk: A Guide to Derivative Products, Financial Engineering, and Value Maximization Издательство: McGraw-Hill, 1998 г Суперобложка, 664 стр ISBN 0-07-059354-X инфо 7606y.

For years, financial executives and risk managers have recognized Charles Smithson's Managing Financial Risk as the authoritative source for comprehensive coverage of risk management products While other bookбэпкшs may touch on specific strategies and products, Managing Financial Risk stands alone in exploring derivatives and risk management from all angles, providing trusted guidance to both the sell and the buy sides Managing Financial Risk, 3rd Edition, updates and expandsвкоез this indispensable resource Combining a comprehensive explanation of forwards, futures, swaps, options, and hybrid securities with the latest technologies for effectively managing financial risk, this authoritative and insightful edition now includes: - A look at recent innovations in the risk management marketplace, including electricity derivatives and featuring credit derivatives-the newest of the risk management products; - Explanation of implementing a risk management program; всдын- New coverage on the effective use of risk management by institutional investors and financial institutions; - An expanded discussion of the way a dealer measures and manages the credit and market risk associated with derivatives-a discussion that includes a clear exposition of "value-at-risk" Third Edition Автор Charles W Smithson.

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